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As a people’s protest erupts and clashes against a tyrannical power that has mandated control of people’s vision, a girl attempts to bravely break through their armed forces and destroy their headquarters.


An action-packed animated music video, about working together against political propaganda.

Media manipulation and political propaganda is sadly part of everyday life. It’s affecting lives, dehumanizing whoever’s considered as ‘others’, and literally killing people.

We thought of several ways to showcase this in a digestible format, so that more people hopefully think about it, and are aware of the signs they come across in daily life.

In reality, these systems are not so clearly visible, and are more discreet. But fighting against it in a more direct manner, and seeing at least some form of a victory is our way of catharsis. It also made for an entertaining video where we could dive deep into our love for 2D hand-drawn animation.

The film is doing its festival run currently.


Direction, Animation, Story
Shaheen Sheriff
Sunakshi Puri

Blind Sherpa
Throw Some Shapes

Concept Art, Character Design
Taher Kapadiya

Concept Art, Storyboard
Tejaswat Kadam

Additional coloring
Aashna Pednekar

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